1st ISF Inclusive Games, Portugal, 2019 | Anyone can play, everybody wins



Individual Competition

a. Each athlete can enrol in the 3 competitions.
b. Each competition will have an individual result by gender.
c. In the competitions each athlete does 3 attempts and the top eight athletes do 3 more attempts.
d. In the long jump competition, a call board will be used.
e. In the 100m competition the 8 best of all the qualifiers will be selected.
f. Each athlete is entitled to a false start.

Team Competition

a. Minimum participation of 4 athletes (2 female and 2 male), who can participate in two competitions out of the three from the Program
b. Each athlete may only participate in 2 competitions
c. The final score corresponds to the sum of points of the best female score plus the best male score in each of the 3 competitions, using the ISF 2018 table.
d. Countries must score in the 3 competitions in both genders.
e. In each event, only 1 mark per delegation is counted.
f. In competitions, each student / athlete has the right to do 4 attempts.
g. The 100m competition is organized by hits.
h. Each athlete is entitled to a false start.

i. Tie breaker i.Highest number of first places
ii. Highest number of second places
iii. Highest number of third places
h. EXTRA PARTICIPATION – delegations that do not gather the team participation conditions to compete (have less than 2 female elements and 2 male elements) can compete if they wish and each student / athlete can participate in 2 competitions.




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1st ISF Inclusive Games, Portugal, 2019